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Night and the City

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Night and The City

Introduktion av Robin Robertson


Noir-klassiker från 1950 i regi av Jules Dassin. Introduktion av Robin Robertson. 

Robin Robertson är aktuell med det film noir-influerade eposet The Long Take. I samband med att Robertson gästar Internationell författarscen för samtal och uppläsning introducerar han filmen Night and the City i Klarabiografen. Så här presenterar Robertson filmen: 

The only great British noir, this is the compulsive, concentrated drama of Harry Fabian, a spivvy American hustler in London who wants to make it big, played brilliantly by Richard Widmark – volatile and paranoid, giggling insanely like he did in his first film, Kiss of Death. With the fabulous Gene Tierney and a first-rate British cast (Googie Withers, Herbert Lom), the director Jules Dassin (Brute Force, The Naked City, Rififi) – hounded out of Hollywood by HUAC and McCarthy – turns post-war London into a rather personal hell: an expressionist trap, a nightmare city teeming with crooks, cripples, beggars and informers like something out of Kurt Weil or Tod Browning.

Like many noirs, this shows a city that is part-familiar and partly gone forever. The title credits roll over Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament through the smog, where slowed-down commuters drift like somnambulists, before crashing into the opening scene of Harry – seen from high above – running frantically through the empty square in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. We see well-known London streets throughout the film, before Harry stumbles across the bomb-sites, through the shattered wasteland that will become the Southbank and the Festival of Britain, to his bleak and tragic end. Shot in 1949, the final scene under Hammersmith Bridge could have been filmed yesterday. I live ten minutes away, and I think about this film every time I walk along that stretch of river. 

Om filmen: 

Originaltitel: Night and the City
Land: Storbritannien, USA
Produktionsår: 1950
Längd: 101 min
Åldersgräns: Från 15 år
Språk: Engelska
Text: ingen text
Medverkande: Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, Googie Withers





26 oktober 2018


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