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Foto: Robert Doisneau


ROBERT DOISNEAU – the poet of the Paris suburb

September 7–November 25, 2018
Gallery 3

For many years, Robert Doisneau (1912–1994) has been regarded as the portrayer par excellence of mid-20th century picturesque Parisian life. He is the visual genius who captured those simple fleeting moments of beauty that could convey a whole story.

After the Second World War, Doisneau began working for the image agency Rapho. Photo journalism was booming; photographers took on a new role, and he was able to make photography his occupation, his craft.

Even if Doisneau primarily worked on assignments, he was always looking for momentary scenes to capture. Like when Doisneau caught the couple in La Baiser de l'hôtel de ville (1950). The embrace was arranged, but the kiss was authentic. 

Doisneau later became a freelance photographer, and he had plenty of opportunities to portray many artists and writers and night life in Paris. But he lived in the suburbs, and these "abandoned areas with their grey-green vacant lots" remained his favourite setting. This was his true habitat, in the anthropological sense, far from any picture postcard aesthetics.

With tenderness, Doisneau photographed the hidden life of Parisians and saw himself in the pictures he took. In the raw, banlieue environment, he built his own scene, giving a setting, light, narrative and poetic aura and finely-tuned melancholia to the most quotidian reality. And these are the pictures that are the core of Doisneau’s oeuvre.

Robert Doisneau – The Poet of the Paris Suburb is the first exhibition in Sweden featuring his photography.

The exhibition is produced by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Atelier Robert Doisneau and diChroma Photography, Madrid.

Guided tours at. 15:00 on Sundays (in English)

September: 23/9 & 30/9
October: 7/10, & 14/10

In Swedish